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Which online credit cards offer the cheapest monthly fees?

By Chris Smith – 3 February 2018 – 03:30amCredit cards and credit unions have become a major source of savings for many people as they are often easier to use and earn higher interest rates than traditional lenders.But how much are they worth?Here’s a guide to find out.1.Borrowers with low credit scoreMost people with low-to-moderate […]

How to calculate the cost of owning a gun and how to get the best price

When it comes to gun sales, there are lots of factors that go into deciding how much money you will save on a purchase.But in the United States, most gun buyers will have to pay more than $500 for a gun, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.There are even limits on […]

The best free games to play on mobile, according to FourFour Two

4.9.4 – 2018-09-29T23:45:34The number of apps that offer a “free” option has gone up.A new app has been created that shows you the apps that do offer a free option.The app has two categories.One shows you all the apps available in the app store.The other is just the ones that have the Free option.Here is […]

How to pay for an airbnb fee

What happens when you rent a place to stay and then decide to rent an airboat?It depends on how much you need to pay, and the length of your stay.Airbnb fee calculations Airbnb fee calculator airbnb,airboom,airbnf,airboat source CBS This is the article that started it.This article is an original article, so please don’t edit […]

Why are Concordia and Etoro paying so much for their electricity?

When Concordia’s electricity bills hit $50,000 a month last year, it was the highest in the country.But it’s not the only company getting rich on electricity.Utilities across the country are paying tens of millions of dollars for power at a time when other utilities are struggling to keep up.“It’s an extremely volatile time, and these […]

Fox Sports says bitcoin will be $20,000 a year cheaper than FedEx and Amazon

Fox Sports reports that bitcoin will become $20.2 per bitcoin by 2023, according to data from BitMex.The bitcoin price will hit $20 a bitcoin by 2022.BitMEX says that it will have 1.4 million bitcoin accounts and will accept $10 transactions for each bitcoin it acquires.The company plans to increase that to $20 per bitcoin within […]

How to figure your income tax and state income tax filing fees

Taxpayers can be as confused as they want about the tax and income tax calculations they need to know.We’ve compiled a guide to help you figure out how much you need to pay.Taxpayer error is a real problem.Taxpayers may pay an estimated $50 billion in taxes in 2017, according to the Tax Foundation, a nonpartisan […]

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