Democrats call for a new national childcare bill

The Democratic National Committee is calling on lawmakers to create a new childcare bill that would make childcare affordable for working families and families who have children at home.In a memo to lawmakers, DNC Chair Tom Perez, vice chair Rep. Keith Ellison, and ranking member of the House Budget Committee Rep. Peter Roskam called for […]

What you need to know about the licence fee and what it means for you

You need to understand how to use the licence-fee calculator to find out what the licence fees will be for you.There are three main categories of licences that can be purchased: a “passport”, a “driving licence” and a “road vehicle licence”.If you are driving a road vehicle you must have a licence in that category.You […]

Airlines are charging you more for basic services

Airlines are starting to pay more for flights, as the carriers try to keep costs down.The fees airlines are charging for basic amenities have tripled since 2013, according to data from the Federal Aviation Administration.It also appears that the carriers are charging airlines more for services that can be provided on the ground.Here’s a breakdown […]

Final fee calculator for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ series finale

The final cost of filming the fifth season of the Bachelor in Paradise has been revealed by MTV News.The final production cost of the show’s fifth season, which is set to premiere on Sunday, is estimated at $13 million.That works out to $0.13 per hour.The show’s cost per episode is also currently unknown.Last season, the […]

How to get your goat fee calculator to work for you

A goat fee is a fee charged by cryptocurrency exchanges when a buyer pays a cryptocurrency exchange for a bitcoin or altcoin.The cryptocurrency exchange typically makes a profit on the transaction, which can be as high as $10,000.In most cases, the fees are refundable.In this article, we’re going to walk through how to calculate your […]

Cost of a plate to get into an Uber vehicle is $2,000, but how much does a new driver cost?

Uber has announced a new fee for new drivers, which could mean a new Uber app, driver background checks, and a whole new set of headaches for drivers.The new fees are expected to be rolled out in late October.The new fee, called the “cost of a driver,” will include a $2.50 “plate fee,” which is […]

Why you need to calculate filing fees for college and graduate programs

The college and college graduate student may be a bit confused by the math used to calculate their filing fees, so we’ve rounded up the best and easiest to understand information on filing fees.If you’re an undergraduate student, you can’t legally get an income tax refund from the IRS if you have a graduate degree.However, […]

Which ETH fee calculator is best for ETH trading?

A new tool has been developed that lets traders and analysts know how much each exchange is charging for trading ETH, according to a blog post published Wednesday by the blog.ETH is a popular cryptocurrency that can be traded on several different exchanges, including Poloniex, Polonietra, Bitfinex, and Bittrex.It has been gaining traction as […]

UK government wants to ban foreign students from the UK, but can’t do it legally

The UK government has proposed changes to its law that could make it difficult for foreign students to access British universities, but cannot legislate to stop them from coming here.In a draft law, the government says it will take “appropriate action” if foreign students fail to get into the country by 2020.But it is unclear […]

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