‘A step in the right direction’: Unisa report on Irish data breach

An investigation by Unisa has found that some Irish data breaches of the last five years have been traced back to unisa.

Unisa found that in the period between March and December 2016, about 3,000 unisa customers received notices from the Irish government’s Department of the Taoiseach that their data was being accessed without their consent.

Unis report found that the breaches were all connected to unis data centers, which were located in Dublin, Galway and Cork.

The Unisa investigation found that these facilities were operated by a company called A&Q, which is registered in Luxembourg.

Unizas report concluded that A&quid is a subsidiary of Unisa.

However, the Unis report also found that A/Q did not fully disclose that it had been used by Unis own data center in Dublin and that it was running data breach investigations at three data centers in Cork, Galport and Galway.

The company was fined €3.7 million by the European Union last year, after admitting that it “facilitated and/or facilitated” the data breaches and that its executives had been aware of the breaches.

It also paid €3 million in fines and interest to the Irish authorities in relation to a separate breach involving the data centers of A&q, a company which was also not registered in Ireland.

Uniseas investigation also found: “The breaches have not resulted in any loss of data or any data breach that may be traced back”.

It also concluded that Unis investigation found no evidence that “the data was accessed or accessed in breach of data protection laws”.

However, a spokesperson for Unisa told The Irish Press that “we were unable to provide any evidence to prove that this information is true”.

Unisa’s report also highlighted that there was a need to increase transparency in the data breach investigation process, as the number of breaches has increased.

The report also said that the company’s own data security protocols are “not in compliance” with those of the Data Protection Commissioner of Ireland, who is in charge of ensuring compliance with the Data Breach Investigations Act.

Unises findings were made public today (Monday) at a press conference in Dublin.

The press conference was attended by Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald and the Commissioner for Data Protection, the Government Data Protection Officer, Data Protection Services, and Data Protection Minister Eamon Gilmore.

A spokesperson for the Department of Communications told The Press that the government is aware of Unizas findings and is “reviewing the information” contained in the report.

However they added that “it is not appropriate for us to comment on any particular aspect of Unis work”.

The Government has previously said that it will review the data protection legislation in the wake of Unises findings.

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