Democrats call for a new national childcare bill

The Democratic National Committee is calling on lawmakers to create a new childcare bill that would make childcare affordable for working families and families who have children at home.

In a memo to lawmakers, DNC Chair Tom Perez, vice chair Rep. Keith Ellison, and ranking member of the House Budget Committee Rep. Peter Roskam called for a bill that provides a $100 per month tax credit to working families who earn less than $50,000 per year and families with children under 18 years old who work full time.

“These families will be able to afford the costs of childcare for their children while still working,” Perez said.

“These families are working hard to provide for their families, and the tax credit is a crucial first step to do so.”

Perez’s memo is the latest in a series of calls for a childcare bill in Congress.

A new childcare tax credit would be created as part of the 2018 omnibus budget deal. 

The 2018 tax credit for working parents would be expanded to include working parents with children at work. 

Perep’s memo urges lawmakers to add a childcare tax deduction to their tax code.

The deduction is currently available only for taxpayers who file their taxes as single filers and are married filing jointly.

Perez said in the memo that a childcare deduction would help lower childcare costs for working Americans who cannot find childcare.

“If childcare is the right thing to do for working family families, the tax code should also do it,” Perez wrote.

“By eliminating the current $50-per-month childcare tax on a working parent, we can make childcare more affordable and accessible to working parents, and it would send a strong signal to businesses that they should hire and retain women and families.”

Polls show that a majority of working families in the U.S. have low incomes, according to the report from the Center for American Progress.

The nonpartisan research group found that nearly half of all working families earning less than 30 percent of the federal poverty level are single, and nearly 20 percent of working parents are married. 

According to the Center’s analysis, there are more than 10 million working parents in the United States. 

Democrats have called for childcare to be a top priority for their party, especially since President Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

“Today, we’re not just talking about working families struggling to get by,” Perez told reporters earlier this month.

“We’re talking about our kids who need the same opportunities to grow up, to learn and to be successful that every other American kid does.”

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