How much can you earn? – How much should you spend?

An Australian-based developer, with a focus on small-scale residential developments, has just launched a new tool to help you calculate the total cost of developing a residential development.

The developer, The Coopers, has launched a tool to assist developers in making informed decisions about the cost of their projects.

It is based on the latest cost analysis from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), and has been downloaded over 300,000 times.

Its developer fee calculator will help you to decide what the total project cost is, and how much of that can be paid directly to the developer.

It includes the cost per square metre of land, the cost to construct the project and the cost associated with the infrastructure, including electricity, water and sewerage.

The project cost includes the initial project cost of $US1 million.

“The project fee calculator provides a cost-effective way to calculate the project cost and the total total project costs associated with your project,” said The Coppers managing director, Peter Dickson.

The Coopers website says its developer fee is based solely on the estimated cost of the project to build, and is based only on the actual project costs.

“As a developer you should be able to estimate the project’s cost from the project itself, not the cost-benefit analysis done by the developer,” it says.

The firm has previously released cost analysis tools to developers and has worked with other developers on their projects for years.

In recent years, the firm has been more than just a developer.

The website says it is also involved in the development of some other business and has a number of other commercial clients.

“Our main focus is the small scale residential project and small scale commercial projects, and we also work with small businesses and the community as a whole,” the website says.

In the past, The Company has had the licence to build projects in NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

The company has a “big bang” approach to development, and says it will build a project of 100 units.

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