How the fee calculator works

A fee calculator has been designed by the advocacy group Avaaz that aims to make it easier for consumers to make informed decisions on what services to pay.

The tool allows consumers to choose between free, low-cost and paid services.

Avaad, which is funded by the US government, hopes to make its fee calculator the cheapest available in India.

The app, which uses a proprietary algorithm, is free to download.

The app uses the AvaAd website to determine how much consumers are willing to pay for various services, such as email, social media and the like.

The calculations show that most people are willing pay around 15 percent of the cost of the service.

But the average user pays over 70 percent of this.

The Avaaid app is meant to make people understand the different costs and benefits of each service.

It is based on AvaAad’s own model.

The company also uses data from other consumer data providers such as Mint.

The cost of email and social media is taken from Mint and Mint’s estimate of how much people are likely to pay depending on how many other people are using the service and how much time people have to use it.

This gives Avaav a sense of the potential costs associated with different services.

The calculator also calculates the total cost of various services.

The average user, on average, pays between 20 and 30 percent of all the cost for email, Facebook and the likes.

This is an average of the total costs of all these services and does not include the cost to use the services for free.

The costs for various social media services, for example, are also included in the calculations, but the actual cost for these services is far lower.

While the calculator does not take into account any additional fees paid by the user, the average amount paid is not an indication of the value of the services.

For example, the calculator assumes that an average user will pay around 12 percent of his or her income for email and Facebook.

But an average person could pay as much as 17 percent, which would be an additional 12 percent.

The calculator also assumes that the user will spend at least 40 percent of their time using the services, and that the total user expenditure is $30 per month.

However, the app does not consider the cost paid by users to be the sum of the costs for the services as the app assumes.

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