How to calculate your college and university tuition fees

Students can now get a more precise cost estimate on how much their education will cost them when they go to college or university, thanks to a new app called College Fee Calculator.

The app will be available in Australia from next week and will allow users to input their own costs for both private and public schools, as well as for universities.

“The College Fee calculator is an exciting new app which allows students to easily calculate the costs of their education,” college fees spokesman Dr Richard Widdows said.

It was launched by the Australian Education Union (AEU) in January.

There are three major options to calculate how much your education will be: private, public and private.

To calculate your private college fee, use your home address.

For example, a student who lives in Sydney and is studying at a private university would enter their home address in the private school app.

If the student does not have a home address, they can enter their university address in their home school app, then enter their public school address.

The calculator will then calculate the total amount you will need to pay at your home school or university.

A second option will calculate your total amount at your university.

Students can enter the total at their university’s website.

Finally, a third option will allow students to enter the final total amount as well, which will be used to calculate the final cost of your education.

Using your home university’s home app, the app will also allow students a free trial, which is the opportunity for students to pay as little as they like.

According to the AEU, the new app is the culmination of years of research into educating students about their education costs.

College fee calculator is a free app that lets students input their costs for their private and/or public school, and to calculate total cost of their tuition.

Students must have a valid home address to enter their personalised costs.

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