Why You Shouldn’t Pay Your CarMax Fees With Your Credit Card Source Breitbart News

CarMax’s carpooling fees are a major source of frustration for many people, who are often forced to fork over tens of thousands of dollars in carpool fees to carpool with friends.However, the fees have not always been a problem for many carpoolers, especially as carpool companies have come to rely on the carpooler’s credit card […]

Check your fees for your CIU and other medical centers with a quick, easy, and secure online fee calculator

I’m going to show you a simple, yet effective, fee calculator for any CIU, general hospital, or general hospital/gynecology clinic.This is not a free or cheap service, but it is an affordable way to keep track of all of your medical costs.I have no affiliation with the companies that provide this tool, so please take […]

Canadian bank to charge $3.50 fee for withdrawing $500,000

Canadian bank Wells Fargo is coming under fire for charging a $3 fee for depositing large amounts of money from the bank’s virtual checking account.Wells Fargo said Wednesday it will charge a fee for each dollar withdrawn and the fees apply to deposits made with a virtual account starting at $500.The new fee is designed […]

Bitcoin is now more popular than ever. But what about the fees it charges?

By now you’ve heard of the rise of cryptocurrency in the world of finance.For some, it has been a blessing and a curse, as it has made the world’s biggest financial services industry easier to navigate and more accessible to those outside the world where they are legal.For others, it’s a nightmare.Cryptocurrencies are currently one […]

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