What you need to know about the licence fee and what it means for you

You need to understand how to use the licence-fee calculator to find out what the licence fees will be for you.

There are three main categories of licences that can be purchased: a “passport”, a “driving licence” and a “road vehicle licence”.

If you are driving a road vehicle you must have a licence in that category.

You can purchase a “registered taxi” licence and a licence that lets you drive on a public road.

There is also a “taxi operator” licence that allows you to drive on private roads.

A “road licence” licence allows you access to a private road.

This means you can drive on public roads for the purposes of paying for the licence.

You also need to have a valid permit for the area you are operating in.

If you’re driving a taxi you need a permit, even if you’re not registered with the local authority.

A driving licence requires a licence holder to be 21 or over, and you have to have the licence for a minimum of 12 months.

The road vehicle licence requires you to have at least five years of driving experience and the registered taxi licence requires five years.

You’ll need to pay a fee for each of these licences, which can be up to $30.

What you can and can’t do with a licence If you need more information on how to get a licence, there are some things you can do with your licence.

The licence holder can apply to get your licence back, if they’re no longer driving or not a resident of the area they are operating.

This is called a re-licence.

The police will check the police records to see if you are still in the area.

You will also need a police licence for your licence to operate in the areas you’re operating in, if you have not renewed the licence already.

You should check with the police if you’ve got any concerns about your licence and if there’s anything you need urgently done.

You need a licence for each area you’re in, and there is no limit on how many times you can operate in any one area.

There’s no limit to how many licences you can have.

It’s a good idea to have your licence with you wherever you are if you want to use it.

The driver of a vehicle that is registered with an authority must be 18 or over and must be driving on a road.

You may be able to get one of these by applying to the local authorities for a licence.

If the local police can’t verify your age, you’ll need a document called a “statutory declaration” that says that you are over 18.

If your licence is lost, stolen or damaged, the police will need to come to you for a new one.

You won’t need a new licence if you don’t want to pay the licence and it’s not available.

The fee to get that new licence is $30 and you will need the licence if: you are a new applicant for the same licence for 12 months You have a current permit for your area

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