Why are Concordia and Etoro paying so much for their electricity?

When Concordia’s electricity bills hit $50,000 a month last year, it was the highest in the country.

But it’s not the only company getting rich on electricity.

Utilities across the country are paying tens of millions of dollars for power at a time when other utilities are struggling to keep up.

“It’s an extremely volatile time, and these are really competitive times,” said Roberta Wainwright, a senior fellow at the Energy and Climate Initiative.

She said the utilities have a lot of options to manage their costs and compete for customers and investors.

But as the economy improves, she said the costs of renewable energy are going up and those costs are going to increase as well.

We’re seeing that in the utility sector, Wain Wright said.

The electricity market is growing at a faster rate than the economy, but it’s also facing new challenges.

In the past five years, electricity prices have risen from the lowest they have been in the past 30 years, according to the Energy Information Administration.

And some of that is a function of natural gas prices.

Utilities are struggling with the cost of renewables and the cost to maintain them, according in part to a report from the U.S. Energy Information Agency last year.

One example is that electricity providers are now paying more to maintain power plants because the market is pricing natural gas more expensive.

That’s a big issue because utilities rely on natural gas to run their power plants and the market has been very competitive in that regard, according Wainiewicz.

Another issue is that consumers are now seeing prices go up more than they used to, because of the cost shift from natural gas into the market.

And that has increased the cost for utilities.

There’s also the price of the technology that makes electricity generation more efficient.

At the same time, utilities are trying to balance the need for renewable energy and the need to keep the lights on, according the report.

And the cost per kilowatt hour (kWh) has risen from less than $2.50 per kilogram in 2000 to more than $6 per kWh in 2016, according data from the Energy Department.

That’s a lot to pay for power, said Wainwoey.

And it means that when consumers have to make the switch, they have to pay more for electricity than they did before, Wainswoeo said.

“That’s going to make it harder for consumers to keep going to their jobs,” she said.

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