Why you might be paying more than you thought for flights from UK to Singapore

Airline fares for domestic flights from Britain to Singapore are rising by more than 10% per year.

The British Airways flight from London to Singapore costs £8,826 and the Singapore Airlines flight from Hong Kong to Singapore cost £10,924, according to the airline’s latest quarterly travel statistics.

And while you may have heard about these increases in your travel, you might not know that the actual fare may be a lot higher.

These figures are based on an average fare of £6,907 for a domestic flight from the UK to London and £7,097 for a Singapore Airlines domestic flight to Hong Kong, according a spokesperson for British Airways.

They are based in line with increases in fuel costs as fuel prices have increased and airlines have had to lower fares.

However, the increase in fuel prices has been slower than many other airlines’ increases, with fuel costs increasing by less than 1% per annum in the past two years.

As the airline has cut back on flights to some of its hubs, its total fuel bill has increased as well.

On average, a domestic Singapore Airlines ticket costs £2,955.

That’s an increase of £919 over the last year, or an average of £4,567.

The average UK domestic Singapore Airways ticket costs around £3,976.

Airlines have also raised their prices on other flights, but not as much. 

In December, for example, an Economy Class ticket from London Gatwick to Singapore was £1,724, but a business class ticket from Hongkong to Singapore has been increased to £3 to £4 a day.

This means the average Singapore Airlines fare from London was £5,622 in February 2018 and £5.19 in February 2019, while a UK Economy class fare from HongKong was £2.65 a day in March 2018 and the same for a UK Business class fare.

All airlines, however, charge a premium on international flights, with Jetstar charging £7.40 per person for its Singapore Business class. 

If you want to see how your flight might be affected by fuel prices, check out this calculator to see if you might pay more than £10 more per ticket for a ticket from one of the top airlines.

Image: Flickr user David Crouch

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